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Improve your English to get a better Job

Why IT English course is different?

Unlike people who need to communicate for business or tourist purposes, programmers need to be able to read tutorials and project documentation, watch educational videos, be able to chat in professional communities, and stay up-to- date on current developments in their field. A better command of English provides more opportunities to be rewarded for such hard work and opens up more possibilities for career

That’s why together with our partners Foxminded and Sergey Nemchinskiy in particular we’ve developed a special 3-phase course for IT people.

These three parts include:

1. Technical reading

Before accessing the Foxminded course you will have to pass a short English exam.
You must demonstrate that you possess a basic level of technical reading skills in order to have access to professional tutorials, books and other educational materials in English.
During this first part we will provide you with 30 articles and texts to read, and you will memorize professional terminology. You’ll have 2 hours/week discussing these texts with our trainer. You’ll also have 1,5 hours of Grammar with our team*

*grammar lessons are conducted in small groups via Skype, while discussing texts is carried out privately

2. Speaking

So, you already have technical reading skills and you are Foxminded now (you are being a student). It’s time to break your speaking barrier. You get a list of verbs, nouns adverbs, and adjectives to expand your vocabulary. We offer you 2 hours/week of speaking practice + 1 hour of Grammar. You’ll get rid of your initial fear of speaking, speed up your speech and feel more confident discussing various topics.

3. Preparing for an interview

Since we all have been working to achieve great results and our aim is your happiness in a new position, we designed the third step to prepare you for an interview with HR to help you land your dream job.

As for the payment, it’s 3500 UAH/month, learning pace depends on you (depending on how much time you are ready to dedicate per day). We expect it to be 1-3 months for technical reading, 4-6 months for speaking, 1 month for an interview preparation.


2 x personal trainig 1 x group training
120 minutes of personal training a week on weekdays 90 minutes of Grammar training in a small group on the weekends

Price: 3500UAH


Handshaking and welcome to our team! 👋